Reservations are taken by telephone or
at the restaurant only.
You can reserve:

Weekdays........any seats, any area.
Weekends........Private room (2F koshitsu), Fukinuke area only.

Saturdays and Sundays can be very popular nights and sometimes customers queue in front of the restaurant. But please be relaxed as we have 125 seats so that the waiting time is rather short.

We would like to take reservations for Saturdays and Sundays, but actually our present system (no reservation for weekends and holidays) is more efficient. The reason is that unlike French or Italian restaurants, our dining is more casual and each customerfs length of stay varies. Some customers stay only 1 hour while others eat and drink for 3-4 hours, we are unable to predict so that the best solution is a first come first serve basis.

You can however, make a booking for weekdays. Please tell us what kind of table you prefer, we will do our best to reserve it for you.

Prior booking is recommended for the Private room upstairs. This room is very popular and gets reserved quickly. It caters 10 people. The cover charge is 5,000 yen per group and it is worth paying for the luxurious time you will experience. (Weekends require 6 people to book)

Fukinuke Area (Vaulted Ceiling Area) is a very special area and can be reserved for weekends as well. It caters 10 people and the cover charge is 5,000 yen per group. (Weekends require 6 people to book)

We can organize parties for your group. The Manju Area accommodates about 30 people and the whole room can be reserved by prior booking.

Please feel free to talk to us about your special requests, we will try our best to make you happy.


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