Shabu Shabu
Soup&Rice dishes
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Home Made
Korean Pickles
Hakusai Kim Chi   Spicy Chinese cabbage. Good for health!   520
Kakuteki   Spicy & a little bit sweet Chinese Radish   520
Oy Kim Chi   Lightly-pickled Cucumber, not spicy   520
Aona Mizu Kimchi   Spicy green leave pickles in the cold soup   500
Kim Chi Mori Awase   Assorted Korean pickles   930
Fresh Sashimi
Senmai Sashimi   Wagyu third stomach with spicy Korean sauce   780
Hachinosu Sashimi   Wagyu tripe (boiled) with 2 kind sauce   830
Ika Sashimi   Fresh calamari sashimi with Korean sauce   830
(not warm)
Ao Papaya   Green papaya, crispy and rich in enzyme   600
Moyashi Namru   Bean sprouts, full of V-C and fiber   580
Daikon Namru   Chinese radish, promote digestion   580
Hourenso Namru   Spinach, full ofcarotene, iron, V-C   580
Ninjin Namru   Carrots, full of carotene.   580
Zenmai Namru   Flowering fern, lots of potassium   580
Namru Mori Awase   Assorted five kinds of vegetables   800
Kantera Salad   Leafy Salad with tasty sesame oil dressing   690
Mizuna Salad   Potherb mustard salad with light dressing   720
Daikon Salad   Chinese radish salad, tuna & tomato aside   750
Sanchu Mori   Sanchu leaf w/Miso paste for rapping meat/rice   630
Egoma no Ha Mori   Sesame leaf, unique & strong wild herbs   470
Drink or Rice
Hiyayakko   Cold premium tofu with specia spicy sauce   850
Umami On-dofu   Warm premium tofu with special sauce   1250
Mozuku-su   Okinawa mozuku seaweed in sour ponzu sauce   480
Chanja   Salty & Spicy cod insides Korean style   550
Ika Shio Kara   Salty & spicy calamari Korean style   540
Egoma Zuke   Sesame leaf in spicy sauce. Wrap rice with this   520
Kankoku Nori   Tasty dried Seaweed with sesame oil flavor   370
Seasonal Chijimi   Delicious pancake with ingredients in season   Ask
Tamanegi Chijimi   Crispy&tasty pork and onion pancake   1300
Kaisen Chijimi   Seafood and vegetable pancake   1300
Tako Chijimi   Hot chilli, miso and tasty octopus pancake   1350

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