Shabu Shabu
Soup&Rice dishes
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  Try our delicious soup, noodles and rice dishes
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Not Spicy
Soups &
Rice in the Soup
Tamago Soup   Clear Soup with Egg   530
Wakame Soup   Clear Soup with Seaweed   530
Yasai Soup   Clear Soup with Vegetables   530
Tamago Kuppa   Clear Soup with Egg and Rice   730
Wakame Kuppa   Clear Soup with Seaweed and Rice   730
* Can be made without peppers (koshou nuki) for children    
Spicy Soups &
Rice in the Soup
Kalbi Soup   Spicy Soup with Kalbi meat,
vegetables and egg
Yukke Jan Soup   Spicy Soup with lean meat with vegetables   900
Tegutan Soup   Spicy soup with Pacific Cod and vegetables   900
Kalbi Kuppa   Rice in Kalbi Soup   1050
Yukke Jan Kuppa   Rice in Yukkejan soup   1050
Tegutan Kuppa   Rice in Tegutan Soup   1050
Ox Tail Soup &
Rice in the Soup
Komtan Soup   Excellent Ox Tail Soup, Mild but Full Body!   1150
Karakuchi Komtan
  Spicy Ox tail Soup   1150
Komtan Kuppa   Rice in Komtan Soup, very mild   1270
Karakuchi Komtan
  Rice in Spicy Komtan Soup   1270
Hot Pot / Nabe
Tofu Chige   Hot Soup with Tofu, Kimchi,
Pork and Vegetables
Tenjan Chige   Hot thick Miso Soup with Natto and vegetables   1150
Samu Gue Tang   Korean Court Cuisine, Chicken Soup with Jinseng   3200
Kantera Umakara Nabe   This hot pot is very exciting,
full of vegetables and beef tripes.
Very spicy and delicious.
Cheese can be a great topping.
S 1250
M 2100
k 3000
    * Topping Cheese   220
    * Topping Tamago (Egg)   100
    * Udon & Rarmen
@Noodles (For M & L Size Hot pot only)
Rice Bowl Dish
Kantera Bibimba   Vegetables, Sunny Side up & Beef topping   1050
Ishiyaki Bibimba   Tasty Rice Dish served in burning stone bowl.   1520
Rice Cake Soup
Tokku   Korean Rice Cake in Egg Soup
w/Nori and beef topping
Cold Noodles
Reimen   Cold Korean noodle (not soft) in Clear Soup,   1050
Bibim Men   Lots of Salad Vege on Korean noodle, Sauce aside.   1050
Kantera Kake Somen   Thin noodles w/Vege & Kim chi topping   990
Warm Noodles
Kalbi Udon   Thick noodles in spicy, Rich and tender
Kalbi Soup
Yukkejan Men   Korean Noodles in Spicy Yukkejan Soup   1150
Tamago Udon   Thick Noodles in Egg Soup, good for children   800
Komtan Udon   Thick Noodles in tasty and Komtan Soup   1280
Komtan Ramen   Chinese type of noodles in Komtan Soup   1300
Plain Rice
Rice   Steamed Rice, Koshihikari Brand  
M 300
Rice Sho   Small Steamed Rice  
S 250
Rice Dai   Large Steamed Rice  
L 420

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